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Who Are We?

The RNHA was established in 1967 and officially chartered in 1974 by the Republican National Committee. From that time, it has been the only Hispanic Republican group officially affiliated with the Republican Party. Since 1967 we have been the nexus of the Hispanic community and the Republican Party. 

What Are We Doing?

It is imperative that we secure the 2020 election, and take back many of our lost seats throughout Texas. Luckily, our organization is on a mission to spark a conservative renaissance throughout Texas’ Latino communities. Our job is to do the grassroots work of pounding the pavement, and effectively branding Texas Conservatism to Latino voters.

How Are We Different?

The branding effort that we will be championing is integral to our success in Texas. In addition to our grassroots ground game, we will be focusing intensely on running smart social media campaigns, and throwing community events throughout the state. What separates us from the crowd is that we will be establishing and cultivating relationships within the communities.

"Lead with your values & a place of gratitude. Politicians & issues will come & go but your values will remain the same. Whether it's today, tomorrow or 20 years from now, I will always lead and protect our Faith, Family & Freedom. Most importantly, I will always speak from a place of gratitude and thank this country for what it has done for me!"
Hilario Yanez
Dreamer & Conservative
“‪Let’s get one thing straight:‬ ‪The second amendment was put in place to ensure the people will ALWAYS remain stronger than their government. ‬ ‪We don’t need to come up with arguments as to why we “can” and “should” keep them."
Anna Paulina
Director of Hispanic engagement for Turning Point USA

Republican Values.

Cultural Appreciation.

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