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Our History

In 1967, an informal meeting was held in Washington D.C by thirteen Hispanic-American men. As one participant, Francisco Vega, later recalled: “… the meeting came about by word of mouth… we were from Florida, California, Texas, New Jersey, Michigan, and several other states….” The purpose of the gathering was to discuss how they could increase political involvement in the Hispanic community.

Although all of men intimated some kind of affiliation with the Democrats, none of them felt especially attached to any political party. Having had their offers to organize some kind of Hispanic outreach rebuffed by both the Democratic and Republican Party’s national offices, the dejected group returned to their hotel.

Eventually, the gathering dwindled down to five: Ben Fernandez, Manuel Lujan, Fernando Oaxaca, Martin Castillo, and Vega. These last attendees continued to talk, bonded over their common World War II service, political ideologies, and eventually, formed the Republican National Hispanic Council. Fernandez was selected as its first president.

The next year, the name of the organization was changed to the Republican National Hispanic Assembly with Fernandez taking up the title of National Chairman. Without formal acknowledgment from the Republican Party, the group immediately began to organize chapters in their home and surrounding states. They also managed to raise more than $400,000 by the end of 1968 which they presented to astonished Party officials. Relations between the two political entities soon warmed considerably.

Our Mission

Since 1967 we have been the nexus of the Hispanic community and the Republican Party. The mission of RNHA Texas is to promote Hispanic-Americans’ participation within the Republican Party. We do this by utilizing social media, public events, and community engagement. We foster leadership in those who are ready to stand up and serve their communities. At the same time, we are also able to spread our message to undecided Hispanic voters throughout the state.
We offer a place where learning is accomplished on both sides of that nexus. Republican activists and leaders are able to engage with the Hispanic community, and have a better appreciation for, and understanding of, Hispanic culture. Meanwhile, individuals in the Hispanic community, are able to engage with Republican leaders and activist. We cut out the noise of typical politics, and open opportunities to communicate as Texans, Americans, and more importantly, as individuals.
Here, we are able to offer an opportunity for individuals to truly understand conservative values, so they are better prepared when they enter the voting booth. We don’t stop there, though. We encourage those individuals to join our cause, so they can help us have more conversations with more people. Finally, we work to create and sustain an association of American Republican leaders, with a strong appreciation for Hispanic culture. It is here where we forge stronger bonds with one another, in our quest of ensuring life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for our families and ourselves.


  • To be the nexus of Conservative Values and the Hispanic-American culture in Texas.
  • To finally communicate with Texas Hispanic voters, why Conservatives vote the way they do.
  • To recruit and encourage qualified Americans, with Conservative values, to seek office at all levels of government.
  • To ensure candidates who represent the true values of the Republican Party are elected to office.
  • To adopt resolutions and policy positions on local, state and national issues. Then seek to implement these resolutions and policy positions through relationships and coalitions.
  • To promote and encourage civic participation.
  • To impact our local communities in Texas thorough outreach, and building coalitions with local non-profit organizations.
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